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    Access to available seat locations is made available each year in priority (seniority) sequence. Your priority number is a measure of your tenure as a Canucks Season Ticket Member. The longer your tenure, the earlier your access time.

    Priority numbers for Full Season Ticket Members are assigned based on your consecutive tenure holding a full season membership. Relocation session times are allocated in priority sequence. In other words, the longer your Season Ticket Member seniority, the earlier your access to available seat upgrades.

    If you have RSVP’d to participate in the Seat Relocation event, you will receive an email with your relocation session date and time approximately 1 week prior to your access. If you’d like to see how relocation sessions are progressing each week, you can view your Season Ticket Member Portal ( and find the priority numbers currently being served.

    In an effort to maintain safety and comfortability for all members during COVID-19, this year’s relocation event is being held virtually/online. As a result, session times will take place over several weeks to ensure all members have adequate time to access upgrades and service support from the Canucks Membership Experience Team.


    Given the configuration of our arena, seat locations may be available in sets of three. Based on demand for these locations, we are unable to split seats into a pair to leave a single seat behind.

    Accessible seating is available by phone only. For access, please call our office at 604.899.GOAL (4625) and press option 1 to speak with a representative.

    The online relocation system will only facilitate seat location exchanges. To add or subtract seats from your account, please call our office at 604.899.GOAL (4625) and press option 1 to speak with a representative.

    Please call our office at 604.899.GOAL (4625) and press option 1 to speak with a representative. Our representatives will be happy to review your account and confirm eligibility.


    No additional payments will be taken from Season Ticket Members until an update is received from the NHL regarding the status of the 2020.21 Regular Season schedule. Any installments currently listed are a place-holder and will not be charged until you have been notified of any updates.

    While relocation access will remain open after your session time, our online system allows one seat relocation transaction per account. To process an additional relocation, please contact 604.899.GOAL (4625) during office hours.

    How do I select my seats?

    Please refer to our step-by-step video, for instructions on relocating seats.